It looks like a dress, but it's a jumpsuit. Hand on heart, we know what you're thinking. Jumpsuits are relatively easy when it comes to emergencies. But trust us, maybe that's why this cut was created, and thanks to the ultra-wide legs, you don't have to take it all off. That's why this piece busts all the myths associated with jumpsuits!

Wear it plain in the summer and with long sleeves or a turtleneck in the colder months. The pockets are also essential, and the long straps allow you to tie them differently every time. Tight around the waist or loose? What's your favourite option? Wear it to the theatre, beach, or even yoga!

Wash the linen at 40°C, iron on the highest setting, you can also steam it. Do not tumble dry, do not bleach. 

fabric 100% linen
threads 100% cotton

natural linen in weight 182g/m²
Choose size:
max 90
max 106

You found your piece, well done! Do you like the colour and material, but you are not sure what size to choose? Don't worry, we'll figure it out together!

How to measure yourself correctly?

  • the overall length of the garment is measured from point A
  • the length of the classic sleeve is measured from point B
  • the length of the raglan sleeve is measured from point A 
  • chest at the widest point C
  • waist at the narrowest point D
  • hip circumference at the widest point E
  • the length (of the lower parts of the garment) is measured on the outside from point DFor the bottoms, you choose the length just before adding the item to the shopping basket. This is done by agreeing on the recommended length or by entering the required adjustment.

If you still don't know what size will fit you best, please write to us on our Instagram or email info@vennastudio.com. We will arrange a personal meeting to discuss the right size with you. 

Colour or size change

Would you like your chosen piece in a different colour or are you uncomfortable with the sizes offered? Don't be afraid to contact us with these requests either! We will be happy to discuss all colour options with you and select a suitable shade for you. If you would like to adjust the fit of a particular piece of clothing from what we normally offer, feel free to get in touch with us too. As we are custom-making original pieces, we will charge a 10 - 20% additional charge to the price for custom fit adjustments.


We are a small studio that always creates your clothes for you after you order them. That’s why you need to look forward to your piece a little longer. The standard delivery time is 2 - 4 weeks. We continuously stock material, so the waiting time may seem a bit longer. However, if you would like to know the current status of your order, please feel free to email your questions along with your order number to our email address info@vennastudio.com.

Some of our pieces are available for viewing and testing at our studio in Brno. If you would like to visit us, see everything, consult anything or pick up a finished piece directly, please contact us in advance at info@vennastudio.com or via our Instagram account. Together we will find a suitable date and time so that we have enough time for you.

6500 CZK €256.41