vennastudio was formed in 2020 by Vendula Kolářová and Natália Drevenáková. We met at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno, where we bonded over our passion for textiles. Natália has been working with it during her studies in Fashion Design in Trenčín and Vendula has a lot of experience with it thanks to her own independent projects. Our collaboration began with mutual help on our individual solo projects and with our shared passion for natural fabrics. Our need to add new pieces made from linen fabric to our wardrobes came right away and so our studio was slowly formed. 

The first pieces were designed in our own home for us and our friends, as the requests kept coming in we moved out of our home to the shared Industra LABS workshop in Brno. There, we not only created our name, but also established interesting collaborations with brands such as Dhaara. For us, the studio is a symbol of space, a place to meet, connect and create. It allows us to collaborate with artists, connect slow fashion and music events, and create new collaborations.


Our clothes are timeless and mostly oversized. They can adapt to your mood and we believe that they will be with you for many years, in the spirit of slow fashion. Our clothes fit all body types and across the entire size range. We don't use classic sizes, you can choose from a selection of 3 options at most and it's up to you in which one you feel most like yourself. Design pieces from simply merge with you thanks to the sophisticated cuts and unique characteristics of natural materials. Functionality and variability are important to us when it comes to design, which is why in most cases our clothes can be worn in several ways depending on what you feel like wearing at the time. This way you can manage a work meeting, a walk with your beloved pet or a meeting with friends during the day.

Throughout its existence, has been focused on custom production. We start sewing pieces when you order them. We do not keep any stock, but we can customize a piece for you tailored to your body if you wish. That also makes our clothes a little slower and you will have to wait a little longer for them to be made.'s pieces don't follow seasonality, we treat natural materials with respect and we strive to use them to their full potential, just as we would want you to enjoy our pieces.

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